Rollem Privacy Policy

What data do we collect? Why do we need it? How do we use it?

This is an overview of the information Rollem collects.
All information is stored encrypted in-transit and at rest.

Related Privacy Policies:

Information that is stored temporarily

The following data is sometimes stored in Microsoft Azure's Application Insights for 7-30 days. This is a logging service used for diagnostics on live websites and services. You may read more about Azure's Application Insights privacy policy here The exact data that is stored depends on what issues are actively being debugged. It is used solely for diagnostics.

This is a list of what may be temporarily stored, at most. In rough order of likelihood:

  • Time of the log message
  • Shard ID of a given message, to verify shard activity
  • Guild ID of a given message, to identify problem guilds
  • Some information about what Rollem was trying to do at the time. "roll some dice", "[inline rolling]", etc
  • Very rarely! (Application Insights is quite expensive!)
    • Some message content from messages Rollem processes (when there is an issue with the parser handling messages that are not rolls or commands)
    • Author ID, to identify problem users
    • Channel ID, to identify problem channels

Information that is stored indefinitely

The following data is stored in a PostgreSQL database managed by Digital Ocean until you delete it. Access is restricted by IP to the applications that connect to the database and a few authorized developers. You may read Digital Ocean's Privacy Policy here.

Some of the information may eventually be deleted to clean up inactive accounts and free up space. Active users' data will never be deleted without warning.

  • Your Discord ID
  • An internal ID, mapped from your Discord ID
  • The first date we created a database entry for you
  • The last date we modified any database entry for you
  • User Settings (view from your account page)

Potential storage in the future

Future plans for Rollem include some opt-in data storage.

  • Any information or settings visible on the website and through the bot, including:
    • Notes
    • Character Information
    • Per-user Rollem Settings
    • Per-channel Rollem Settings
    • Per-guild Rollem Settings

Who has access?

  • This is Temporary#0001 (Me, the bot author)
  • H1N1theI#8526 (Does server operations tasks sometimes)
  • RowenStipe#4242 (Does server operations tasks sometimes)

Where should concerns/issues be reported?

How to delete your data?

  • Option 1: Visit your account page and follow the steps.
  • Option 2a: Use the command @rollem storage forget in any channel with Rollem active.
  • Option 2b: Use the command storage forget in a DM with Rollem.
  • Option 3: Contact me using one of the methods above.